Laser Cap HD+

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• Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss 

• 304 Laser Diodes 

• Large Coverage Area 

Best for 

• Moderate, more advanced hair loss

• Hair loss on vertex/crown (top of the head) hairline, or diffuse

• 3.93 J/cm2 Energy Dose

With 304 individual 650nm 5mW lasers in a flexible, hermetically-sealed dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat, and powered by a small belt-clip battery pack, it offers patients the low level laser power of an in-office clinical unit in the comfort of your home.  the device fits in a variety of hats, is powered by a portable battery pack, and contains 304 laser diodes. The entire target zone is treated throughout the duration of treatment, and the user can perform almost any activity during use.


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Width: 12.00 (in)
Height 12.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
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